Stop trying to do it alone. Get the support you need to help all the pieces work together smoothly in your business. 

I’m Rachelle Nichols and I help overworked, busy entrepeneurs and business owners get organized, feel confident to get their time back.


Are you tired of being the one who takes care of everything in your business?  Are you missing sales because your systems and strategies aren’t organized? 

You’re already successful, but want need things to run simpler and smoother?

Do you believe if your systems ran smoother, you would be seeing even more results? But, you’re currently dealing with the frustration of the recurring tasks that keeps you from working on your business. You’re busy working IN your business and not getting anywhere. Having to do that day to day is overwhelming!

I help you create systems that are automated and consistent in your business. 

My passion is to help women entrepreneurs with online and service-based businesses to get organized and get systems in place.

Currently, you’re being a technician in your business and can’t focus on growth. 

You need someone to help you work outside of the business so you can get back to get to only the things that YOU can do for revenue-generating activities. In order to get to the next level, you’ve gotten to loosen the reigns, you deserve the support of an OBM.

Are you a physician, service provider, coach or consultant looking to scale your business? 


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As your Online Business Manager, my mission is to help you at those various levels of growth. We work together to: 

  • Reduce overwhelm and systemize recurring tasks

  • Retain clients with great customer service and smooth workflow

  • Be able to finally onboard or make the best use of your perfect Assistant

  • Have a clear workflow of what you do every day and every week making you more consistent 

Finding an Online Business Manager that understands your vision and helps you integrate and implement is a challenge. You want someone who can help you be consistent, efficient, and see the big picture and the spokes of the wheel.

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What People Are Saying

“Rachelle - I can’t thank you enough for ALL your help. I love how you gave me a very manageable action plan, with the very simple steps to make a huge impact! 

I love that you were able to identify very quickly this missed opportunity and made rapid suggestions that will have a quick ROI! You are awesome! 

I highly recommend anyone to work with you if they have the opportunity. ”

— Jen Ryan, Business Coach, Author and Speaker

“We worked with Rachelle on copywriting our franchise documents, very structured and legal heavy contracts. She was able to transform them into palatable and easy to read formats. Her process was streamlined and she committed to revising the documents until we were happy with the end result. We highly recommend working with Rachelle!”

— Elyzabeth Symanski, COFOUNDER, MYVYLLAGE CO

“Every conversation with Rachelle is filled with inspiration and uplift! She is extremely knowledgeable and will help guide you launch your business, fill your pipeline, and convert leads to sales and contracts! I highly recommend!”

— Erica Lewis , Realtor and Consultant

“Rachelle is amazing! After spending an hour speaking with her I had intentional action items and a plan to move my business forward. She knows the right questions to ask to help you uncover what needs to happen to help your business move forward. She cares about her clients and will work with you to reach your goals.”

— Shanna Wilson, Personal Stylist Coach 

Systems and Tools I Use


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